Wong’s Ice Cream - Mural Installation

April 2019 

IS Design Labs created a custom mural and installation piece for a local ice-cream shop.

With the owner’s request to pay tribute to the Asian flavoured ice-cream and the Chinatown neighborhood, we drew inspiration from the nearby landmarks. The illustrations were done in a line-art style to go along the ice-cream shop’s logo and visual style - simple, black strokes with the brand orange used sparingly to highlight and bring in a pop of colour.

Making the art more immersive - 40 white, Chinese lanterns are suspended in clusters in front of the mural, while stretched (dual-hue) organza fabric drapes create a soft sunset vibe. These touches bring in accents of deep orange and gold. The remote-controlled, flickering LED pot lights are turned on for evening events to add an intimate atmosphere.

IMG_3425 edited2.jpg
Wong's Ice-Cream Installation Mural
Wong's Ice-Cream Installation Mural

On-brand, exterior wayfinding mural was also created to draw people in from the street. See it here.