Our Packages

All packages we offer start with a basic brand strategy, the foundation for a holistic experience. Through this collaborative process, we want to deliver clarity of direction - all creative work will build on it to achieve consistency. We know that your success is rooted in a focussed approach with all elements coming together to represent your company on all levels.

Through our brand strategy we explore the following:
SWOT analysis, target marketing definition, brand guiding principles & persona, creative direction and aspirations

We will work with you to find the right combination/solution.
Modified packages available upon inquiry. 

Brand Design &
Visual Identity 

- brand strategy and positioning
- naming brainstorm
- tagline suggestions
- creative directions
- visual identity options
- polished logo/wordmark
- colour palette options
- basic brand standards

Brand Audit & Rebrand

Report consulting on existing brand.

- survey
- visual analysis
- naming analysis
- evaluation of brand's consistency 
- competitive landscape review
- brand value
- recommendations

Brand Standards

Basic Option
- brand strategy and positioning
- identity & company intro
- identity DOs and DON'Ts
- scaling & spacing
- colour palette
- fonts & uses

Advanced Option
- basic option components
- secondary, supporting visual language
  (i.e. illustrations, patterns, photographic style, etc)

Full Option
- advanced option components
- design of top 3 communications
  (i.e. business cards, letterhead, social media images)

Feature/Statement Walls

- brand strategy and positioning
- area defining (space walk-through)
- ideations & concept mock-ups
- execution detailing
- budget and vendors

Interior Design & Decor

- brand strategy and positioning
- experience mapping
- areas of focus
- concept art for various areas (spacial renders) 
- basic floor plan layout
- furniture & finishes spec sheet
- graphic and art elements
  (signage program, decor, custom artwork)

Motion Graphics

- brand strategy & goal setting
- creative direction
- logo end tag animation
- storyboarding & script writing
- animation
- voice talent and background music

Brand Awareness Campaign

(via Facebook / Instagram / Google ads / event)
- creative direction & content ideas
- copywriting & editing
- visual content (motion graphic / visual imagery / photo-ops / poster /  installation, etc.)

Event Design

- concept strategy & story
- posters and/or invitations
- basic marketing plan
- marketing and advertising materials
- experience mapping and furniture layout
- way-finding & signage
- decor & custom artwork

Social Media

Social Media Starter
- basic strategy based on your goals
- company tone and voice
- customer personas for targeting
- platform profile and cover images
- 4-6 content templates (instagram)