TAAP2 Art Show
Creative Direction and Installations

Summer 2017 

I was approached by the project manager and community organizer of TAAP2 to set the creative direction and create custom installations for the art show. Upon going through the space and basic experience mapping, we agreed on my focus of various areas. By defining the focus, we looked to ensure cohesion and theme continuity throughout the event. 

Upon brainstorming on ways to expand into the neighborhood, and promote, we focused on the experience of attendees in the space. The team had agreed on the Yellow Brick Road as the main a theme, with an overarching reference to the Wizard Of Oz. Below are the areas of focus.

Created in collaboration with Michael Bole and Danielle Furlotte under Free Minds in Motion group.
Fabrics sponsor: King Textiles.

TAAP 2 Art Show - Wizard of Oz Theme - Mural Art Wall Chalk

Drawing In The Neighbourhood - chalk art on the streets of yellow brick road leading to the front entrance
Mural Chalk Board - serving as a wayfinding element, as well as introducing the participating artists in a thematic way as the origins of the yellow brick road

TAAP 2 Art Show - Wizard of Oz Theme - Quotes Signs

Inspiring Quotes Throughout - designed quote signs on custom made yellow brick standees

Sketches in Planning the Two Main Stages (above)

TAAP 2 - Art Show - Stage Design - Kansas

Stage Design 1: Kansas - black and white stage design referencing the Wizard of Oz tornado scene. A unique mobile suspended installation - a spotlight-lit exact model of Dorothy's House, suspended decor which moves with the wind. Helium balloons representing the tornado as well as draped sheets adding depth - move together spacially with the help of two fans to the side.

TAAP 2 - Stage Design - Emerald City - City Landscape

Stage Design 2: Emerald City - the main stage adorned with various fabrics from shades of green, set the background while Winter Witch's pink bubble balls are suspended to the side. Furthermore, an original art piece for auction to bridge Toronto and the world of Oz is to the side - a dimensional city landscape to be used as a space separator. The stage comes to life in between the performers with an animated motion graphic - adding an environmental storyline and plenty of elements to ponder on in the breaks.