Social Media Strategy & Design & Content

A private jewelry brand label from New York approached us some time ago with an initial idea to collaborate on some motion graphics. This flourished into a fruitful relationship focussed on various initiatives including brand consulting, website improvements, promotional video as well as a full social media strategy and content marketing. Having a strong relationship and a unified, holistic idea about the brand and it's goals has our work together a great success.

The social media effort began by setting a strategy driving a focussed plan on how to approach the media realm. At first, we set the voice and tone of the brand based on the stated values values. Secondly, we define our target demographic as represented by sample personas as the best matches for the brand's reputation and product. This also allowed us to prototype the approach on slices of clients’ demographics to test the results. The throughout examination of platforms was conducted in search of the most effective push. Lastly, content tips and a basic deployment schedule checklist are provided to make this strategy into a more tangible plan. Expansion ideas are also suggested to maximize the marketing efforts.

A few key pages from the social media strategy document.

The action plan comes next with a custom schedule and a set of objectives and goals. Activity ratio is agreed on for all platforms and various stories are established.

Social Media Platforms

Having established this solid plan, we jump into a 6 weeks cycle of work. We will go through these and a lot more: 
- creating creative & inspiring content
- content consistency & time-sensitive posts
- involving others
- owning a hashtag
- leading to clicks (leads to website)

Week to week social media content document is shared. This is a collaborative process where the client has full control to give feedback and discuss, a week prior to posting.