Shoeless Joe's
Signage & Environmental Graphics

2015 - 2016

Shoeless Joe’s strategic re-brand was for the company to position itself as a proud sports bar to watch “the big game” for fans and teams of all levels and ambitions. To help narrate the story, each sports bar location had to be integrated into the neighbourhood’s fabric. I collaborated with the interior design team and worked with the client to create environmental graphics and signage packages for multiple Shoeless Joe’s locations.
Brand and graphic aspects designed to contribute to the strategic re-brand include:
- exterior brand signage
- interior hero wall (custom posters featuring local and professional athletes)
- washroom signs and wayfinding
- inspirational quote walls
- fan and athlete light boxes
- goalie mask displays
- custom light fixture designs
- athlete signature light-boxes
- various custom wall art pieces
Each Shoeless Joe’s location had their own custom hero wall, featuring local athlete faces, as well as unique athlete inspirational quotes, goalie masks, etc. In addition, various brand statement walls and art are also picked by the franchise to best suit the target sport fans in the area, some include a turf goofball field wall, maple leaf made from hockey sticks, lace up letters trapped in shoelaces, art made of golf tees, SJ logo made from toy cars on tracks, etc. Through these custom made pieces, each franchise location gained its’ own sense of unique identity, while balancing the overall brand look and feel.

Created while working at mackaywong.
Graphic work created in collaboration with Carine Paratian.