Shecosystem Co-Working Space
Brand Statement & Feature Walls

October-November 2017

Shecosystem is a serene and wholesome women-only co-working space. The sense of community and togetherness helps to form a deep natural connection and bring people back time and again.
We approached the owner, Emily Rose, to explore opportunities for brand statement walls and environmental art to strengthen the company’s image and to create functional elements in the space.

The below concepts came with build-sheets to help the owner bring each one to live as well as recommendations for suppliers and contractors.

Area 1: Welcome Wall
The importance of being on the same page and having a clear understanding of what the company stands for was the determining success factor here. Our concept resonated with Emily’s vision in creating a green wall with air purifying plants and acoustic properties based on the company’s logo. Located on the first wall in clear line of sight from the entrance, the area serves to a purpose of introducing the brand and setting an ecosystem vibe.

Area 2: Community Wall
Speaking to Emily, we discussed the idea of a wall to showcase current members, their businesses, and events. This functional feature situated in the community kitchen, will help connect people and further build the community.

Area 3: Brand Values Decor
An additional item, we asked the owner to consider, was a joyful element which plays with the light within the hot-desk space. While subconsciously reminding members of the building principles behind Shecosystem, this piece also adds energy and area of interest for both members inside and passers-by.