Media Company Branding

Summer- Fall 2018 

This exciting initiative was focused on helping launch an innovative media tech company.
After signing an NDA, the brand strategy part of the process kicked off. We went through the current marketplace positioning, defined what the company stood for, outlined the competitors, and created the brand persona in addition to brand values to guide our work.
A vital part of design process - naming brainstorm - took place next. After the shortlist of 6 names was produced, a survey was stood up and distributed to people in the tech industry. This gave us a good insight on the basic impressions (ideas and thoughts) that these proposed names invoked. Find results from naming finalists and corresponding word clouds with results at the very bottom of project.

The creative direction, business cards, and website designs followed next to wrap up the development of the new company's visual language.


Full Brand Standards (above)


NewRem Media Business Cards
letterhead-1100-1 copy.jpg


Naming Finalists and Corresponding Word Clouds (above)

Visual Identity Options (above)

Creative Direction Options (above)