Presentation & Naming & Creative Direction

June - August 2016

After years of poor attendance and customers' lack of excitement around the concept, an airport hotel was looking to relaunch its restaurant not to fall behind rapidly developing competition in the area. The new bar was to become a nexus of social activity for the neighborhood.

Our approach was to reconnect it with the hip, urban culture of the downtown. Furthermore, we wanted to ensure that this concept is replicable as the ownership group of this hotel is international.

The two presentations were introduced to the client - showcasing the idea, approach, naming and creative direction.

Created in collaboration with Kelsie Redditt, while working for mackaywong.

ABOVE - select pages from Design Development Presentation

Firstly, I worked with an interior designer to create a presentation - introducing the idea, hinting at the look and feel, setting the stage. In addition, we worked as a team to come up with naming options referencing urban grit, city life and local identity.

ABOVE - select pages from Brand Strategy Presentation

I created a brand strategy presentation to help communicate the new approach. This included educating the client about the current market through a competitor analysis and industry facts. The next step was in communicating the new direction, as well as presenting our naming options as basic wordmarks.

Setting the creative positioning of a brand is essential to sell the concept, which should be positioned well within the competitive landscape. Working closely with the stakeholders, we ensured all the groups involved were on board which set this relationship for success.