Welcome Mural
Fringe Festival Art

Summer 2018 

I had a great honour to be selected by Fringe Toronto as one of their artists to animate the festival's space.

A welcoming floor mural at the entry was created by me to achieve the following:
- encourage participation by festival’s patrons
- draw attention to the park space
- highlight the 30th anniversary of the festival
- serve as a way-finding guiding visitors to the nearby performance stage.


Upon working with the festival organizers and agreeing on the design, an initial outline for the main part of the art was created. Next, I outlined the areas with the chalk hues for further coloring thus guiding patrons to contribute creatively throughout the first few festival days - much like a giant colouring book. Some pastels were fluorescent to add to an engaging evening ambiance.     

This participatory art piece engaged people, encouraged experimentation and shared a therapeutic colouring effect in a communal spirit, it brought the blooms of art to life. The art became a great photo op for selfies (using a sharp angle down) as well as a perfect welcome element.