Debbie Marie Yoga Ads & Marketing Materials
Art Direction and Design

Summer 2017 

As small businesses grow, the need for targeted marketing and advertising becomes crucial.

Debbie Marie Yoga was looking to shift focus and reach new demographics, which we worked to define. The visual design also included the review of the tagline as well as examining the right content and vehicles to attract the audience. As a result, we created several pieces to target the two clientele and give Debbie Marie Yoga a platform to spread the word about the great services offered. Throughout all the communications, basic pre-established brand standards were used to ensure cohesion - visual identity, fonts and colour palette were maintained. At the same time, the value and benefits around yoga were highlighted throughout.

Mailer Fold Out
This item was designed to be a size of a business card, fitting right behind one, quickly expanding people’s understanding of Debbie’s expertise and services. It was to be mailed out to elderly clients in the Oakville, Burlington, and Mississauga areas. Debbie Marie Yoga offers a personalized yoga practice to help people with injuries and pains improve their life and health. This marketing collateral worked with the company's pre-established brand standards to create a cohesive, clean, simple and joyful look while developing further the brand's secondary language.

Mailer Business Card Fold Out Accordion
IMG_0236_edit copy.jpg

Email Attachment Ad and Corporate Presentation

Another target Debbie Marie Yoga was looking to expand in was corporate yoga classes. The ask was to target larger corporations, specifically in the design industry, with a goal to promote the benefits of yoga combined in a well-balanced work environment. An email was the first point of contact so a visually exciting attachment advertisement to gage interest and attract potential clients was first created. A shareable presentation was developed as a follow-up second step to further grow clients’ interest in Debbie Marie Yoga's expertise, benefits and pricing. These marketing collaterals expanded the brand's secondary visual language introducing graphic elements and photo treatments to support and establish the brand's look, feel and character.

Final Email Attachment Ad (left) Other Design Options Considered (right)

Final Email Attachment Ad (left)
Other Design Options Considered (right)

Above, a few slides from the final corporate powerpoint presentation for Debbie Marie Yoga.