Iliana & Sergey's Palette

noting our many food escapades: the flavours, textures, colours, smells, sounds, ambiance of the experience

Being enthusiastic Torontonians passionate about the experiences we treasure, my husband and I created a food blog. The blog started off as strictly my site - to help me fuse my love for wine tasting with my fascination with physical environments.
As the creative thinker in me evolved, this passion to discover experiences and submerge in new worlds grew. The blog eventually became more of a joint husband-wife venture. We now write and collaborate together. This blog serves as a creativity outlet for us. We try to encourage smaller, local businesses, as well as ones bringing something new and special. The self-identified purpose of the blog is to use observational and analytical skills to provide meaningful feedback and suggestions - all in the name of a more wholesome food experience for everyone.

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