Creating Fun & Readable Tips

January 2016


I worked with ThinkFresh Group to create these two hand-out documents - How to Encourage Discussion and Guidelines for Capturing Feedback. Their purpose was to promote the company's philosophy and enhance the quality of community planning. I created a fun layout that freshened up and brought more life into their content, while better defining and communicating ThinkFresh Group's brand. It was important that the valuable content became readable, comprehensive and easier to remember.

ThinkFresh Group is a passionate team of urban planning strategists. They are focused on the intersection of urban design and the human experience. At the core of their philosophy is dialogue, design thinking and community co-ordination. This is how they help clients discover the best design strategy and achieve their desired outcome.

Tips on How to Encourage Discussion (front page)

Tips on How to Encourage Discussion (back page)

Tips on Capturing Feedback

Tips on Capturing Feedback

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Second document created for ThinkFresh Group.
Tips on Capturing Feedback