BBQ Hero
Product Branding

Summer 2018 

I was approached to create a barbecue utensils brand, a uniquely positioned in the market product.

Upon setting the basic strategy, the following brand principles were established:
- quality premium product
- safe
- enjoyed with family and friends
- making barbecue mastery easy and fun.

The values of boldness, cleanliness, reliability, mastery, and family are essential to the creation of BBQ Hero. Below are some of the creative solutions for the brand identity, exploring 3 different name options.

The handles are how the brand is experienced and interacted with, we were focused on how the visual identity and brand are presented in that situation.

Upon the choice of the bold and fun palette, the handle color was finalized.


After the creation of the brand standards, the hang tag was designed adding secondary visuals to the brand. Both a Spanish and English versions of the tag were created, as this product is targeting the US market.

Hang Tag’s Front (cyan dotted fold line)

Hang Tag’s Front (cyan dotted fold line)

Hang Tag’s back (cyan dotted fold line)

Hang Tag’s back (cyan dotted fold line)

Finally the amazon listing images were created and re-touched.